HKR-EVO2 690

HKR-EVO2 690

Some of the frequent visitors to derestricted may already know HKR-Racing and the Dark Duke which we featured here a few times and may be interested to hear that the guys behind those bikes have been working away at a completely new chassis and body for theirSuperMono (a street racing bike with just one cylinder).

The perfect base for such a bike is of course the engine from the KTM 690 Duke. Based on the Duke3/4 engine and chassis Markus, Nico and Christof built their first “HKR-EVO1”. As all 3 worked at KTM at the time (2009/10), it was clear from the start that the next bikes would also be based around the KTM street bike range. The Superbike RC8R gave her front forks, steering head, exhaust, as well as her fairings to give the bike the proper look.

The HKR-EVO1 was tweaked and modified in various stages with add on parts and improvements which were discovered throughout testing. In the years 2010 to 2013 Markus and Christof took the bikes to many circuits around Europe racing them in the KTM TNT Cup.

Based on this and their experience working for KTM it became clear that to meet their specific needs the best way forward for their next build was to build the bike from the ground up. Markus left KTM in 2013 and opened Krämer Motorcycles to be able to concentrate on this task. Knowing what needs to go where for a bike to behave in the right way helped fast track this bike through development.


The bike weighs in at around 127kg with 5 litres of fuel! That is substantially less then the standard Duke 690, and a lot more then many Supersport or Superbikes. The engine has been tuned very mildly at this time, and should be pumping out around 80hp. Give or take a little depending on what dyno the bike is run on. They are in the process of building 3 bikes to test their engineering against.

Once the testing phase is over they are looking to start small series production as kits where if you already own a Duke 3 or 4, you can simply purchase the Mainframe, Sub frame/fuel tank, forks, swing arm, rear shock, and fairings. OR you simply purchase the whole bike in one go. Price is to be determined. The bike up close has all the details many GP machines have, mixed nicely with options for ease of use. Perfectly suited for normal people who want to go out on a race track without much hassle and who want to return to the feeling of riding when it was still pure and undiluted with no electronic helpers or management systems.  The lightness of steering as well as the overall vehicle weight allows tyres which are normally used on Superbikes to perform to a new level as they are dealing with 50kg or so less mass.

Tyres are one thing which really matter in racing, as just about anywhere. With this bike riding 10 track days on one front and perhaps 3 rear tyres is no issue. ThePackage simply allows for more riding per tyre as less stress and force is put on it making racing less expensive and fun.

The bike itself  will house a person of 190cm quite well. Even riders weighing in at 120kg will feel good on this mount as race ergonomics have been a point of focus in the design process. New construction ideas have been included too. This principal is showcased clearly in the sub-frame, which doubles as the fuel cell. It is made of robust plastic so can really take a beating and hold up. This was tested just last Thursday when the team’s main rider Lukas Wimmer (EJC cahmp 2012), throw the bike away in Oschersleben! The tank/sub-frame where distorted so strongly that the rear tyre rubbed against it, but returned to its original position with out cracking. Lukas was able to get going again and rode the race that day starting last to move through the field to 3rd! The next day he grabbed Pole position and a clear and decisive victory!

The footrests too are made symmetrically making them easy to replace. Battery and ECU hub are all together in the centre of the bike, minimizing the amount of wiring harness. The “tank” is now the air box! The weight of air is not so great which lowers the enter of gravity further.

Their mission has always been clear in their minds. The dream to build this machine a strong one! With great pride they have reached the Starting point. Where it goes from here… you can follow with us here and on their facebook page or website (

To go from finished drawing to working motorcycle in such a short time frame was only possible through the support of some key partners.  Check out the fan page banner to find out more.


  1. Carla Henco 9 years ago

    good job and you know this is best – it is world class

  2. Carla 9 years ago

    come on folks give some comments

  3. Dirk Kappeller 9 years ago

    A genius job done by the guys. Saw the beautiful bike in Oschersleben and that bike is damn fast. Good luck….

  4. Claire Thoraval 8 years ago

    amazing !

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