HBJ Movie #011 Shakin’ Speed Graphix Tomomi Shimizu

HBJ Movie #011 Shakin’ Speed Graphix Tomomi Shimizu

Google translate from Japanese perhaps? haha “The Shakin’ speed graphic superintendence, Tomomi Shimizu who have the column serialized by HBJ.com.
With that an image is evoked from an American sign board, a skate, a snowboard, etc. in many cases by nature play.
Shakin’ having the skill projected as custom-made Painter and a sense was asked about the talk about the charm of custom-made paint, and its prejudice.
Their own cars of Shakin’ who is also a pure motor-head are the sedan-pickup of 1965 models, and the Ford ranchero to FL Duo Glide bobber of 1963 models.
A photograph was taken on the atelier in custom-made Painter of the rare cost which he is getting hooked on the charm of the pickup truck completely with Harley, and Mito of Shakin’s studio, and the Hitachinaka seashore.”


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