Haibike 2016 lineup at Eurobike

Haibike 2016 lineup at Eurobike

The booth with the bikes which most caught our attention at the 2015 Eurobike show came from Haibike. Especially their e-Performance lineup, including the show stopping Guido Tschugg XDURO signature model, and the Fullseven Carbon ultimate which comes in at an eyewatering 14, 999 Euros! If you are wondering if anybody is either mad enough or rich enough to spend this much money on a mountain bike, the answer is yes, they have sold out of many models already during pre-ordering!


The market for ePerformance mountain bikes is growing, and growing rapidly along with the amount of offerings from Haibike and their competitors. Having pretty much single handedly created the ePerformance mountain bike segment, Haibike have had many more years than the others to dial in their bikes and there is a noticeable drive and pioneering spirit from within Haibike and all those involved in the company to keep pushing to create ground breaking new products and to stay ahead of the competition into the future.


Guido Tschugg comes from a BMX, 4Cross, freeride, Downhill and motocross background and is bringing the style and skills he learned from these other disciplines to the new sport of ePerformance mountain biking and pushing the limits of what these bikes are capable of. Because the sport is still so new, there is so much potential for discovering what can be done on them, and where the products will develop in the future. What is so rad about Guido’s Haibike XDURO is that he can use the 200mm of travel and dedicated DH geometry to charge the downhill’s as well as any World Cup DH bike but can also ride back up to the top faster and with greater ease than you could on even the lightest XC bike. This opens up a whole new world of terrain that was formerly too slow and hard to climb up on a DH bike, and can be charged back down on better than even a well dialed enduro bike. Lift access for downhills is no longer required, and if you don’t live somewhere near a lift you can now stop bugging your mother or girlfriend or wife to drive you to the top of your nearest hill for you to get your downhill fix.


Designer, Innovator, Strategist and some say the godfather of the modern ePerfomance mountain bike Alex Thusbass, up on stage with Guido Tschugg presenting his new XDURO signature model and the various unique features on it.


ePerformance bikes are not exactly a replacement for your 130-160mm trail/enduro bikes, but something new. Another option as it were, and one which coming from a mix of moto and mountain bike backgrounds ourselves we find extremely interesting. The SDURO models have new Yamaha motors, whilst the XDURO line uses Bosch. You still have to pedal, and you still get to the top of the mountains sweaty, but you get there faster and quite a lot easier. Riding one you feel superhuman.


We are hoping to get our hands on one of these badboys for a test at some point!


There are a few different screens available, from this gorgeous but fairly bulky Bosch Nyon screen to the more compact screens seen on some of the more aggressive DH models. through the screens or the bar mounted control unit you can set how much additional power you would like when peddling as well as keeping track on your battery status, speed and other information.


For this year, Haibike have also introduced a +sized wheelset specific model, along with some fatbikes. If there was an ideal application for the new 650+ wheelsize, ePerformance bikes are it, as the bigger wheels provide additional traction and smoothness on the trail, and the motor helps to offset the additional weight. We want to try one of these too, especially during the winter when there is snow all around and riding a normal mountain bike is quite hard work!





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