Guido Tschugg VS Andreas Lettenbichler!

Guido Tschugg VS Andreas Lettenbichler!

If you put one of the worlds best eMTB riders head to head with one of the worlds best Hard Enduro racers, who do you think would win? Well, we wanted to find out!
We will release one episode each week up until Erzbergrodeo on 15th – 18th June, where we will be again this year offering test rides at our stand in the pits!

Haibike Pro Guido Tschugg challenged his Friend Andreas Lettenbichler, a legend within the Hard Enduro scene, and winner of Erzberg, to a game of X.D.U.R.O.

Taking it in turns, Guido would set a challenge for Letti to complete on his Haibike, and then the next challenge would be laid down for both of them by Letti on his EXC.
When a challenge was lost, the looser would get a letter, until the word X.D.U.R.O. was spelt out!

The competition was just for fun, but with both of them being racers, it didn’t take too long until things got serious!
Check back each week, but for now, here is episode ONE!


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