Get Lost (Official Trailer) Rookstool / Sullivan / Redmond / Graffunder / Horban

Get Lost (Official Trailer) Rookstool / Sullivan / Redmond / Graffunder / Horban

If I had to pick what kind of riding on a motorcycle I liked more than any other, it would without a doubt be off-road freeriding. I got a taste of it this year in Romania on the one day we rode outside of the race, and this video just reminds me of of how sick it is to have the freedom to go pretty much anywhere on a dirtbike.

When the elevation gains and the mountains reveal themselves, the two wheeled man changes; with an increased heartbeat the mind begins to spin off the empty canvas ahead. Where the common man turns around, the adventurist seeks the path of the unknown trail, the perfect lip, and the unfolding challenge of earth’s vast terrain. It’s a feeling we all relate to, but most have forgotten. Sometimes the only way to remember is to Get Lost!

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