From The Other Side // Charlie Mullins – Full Segment

From The Other Side // Charlie Mullins – Full Segment

Having just announced his retirement from racing due to his wrist injuries, Rob Mitchell Films wanted to share the Charlie Mullins’ full segment from ‘From the Other Side’ in celebration of an awesome career. Enjoy!

FROM THE OTHER SIDE is the highly anticipated off-road film from Rob Mitchell Films.

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Off-Road. It’s a form of racing that tests man and machine against the unknown. The terrain, the trails, and the courses are constantly evolving. Riders must be incredibly versatile and capable of excelling in any given environment. They are a unique breed of warrior. On the track, they are fiercely competitive. But when the racing is over, they are family. They bond together over incredible stories from behind the bars. Through struggles, pain, and injuries, off-road racers persevere. Constantly continuing to push forward and never losing that love of simply riding. This is the story, From the Other Side…

Starring: Brad Bakken, Jesse Ansley, Evan Smith, Lucas Statom, Chris Douglas, Dustin Simpson, TJ Snow, Jason Thomas, Charlie Mullins, GNCC Racing, National Enduros, and more!

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