From the Beginning: Alpinestars

From the Beginning: Alpinestars

Even after working in Asolo for three and a half years it still amazes me to see how much time and effort and testing goes into designing a proper motorcross boot and how much skill is involved in making one. VurbMoto have put together a nice look into Alpinestars and the boots they are most famous for. One thing they don’t mention is that the enduro riding up on Monte Grappa behind Asolo is epic too! I need to get back there as soon as it gets a bit warmer.

“Early this year, vurbmoto had the amazing opportunity to visit the historic and amazing headquarters of Alpinestars in the beautiful town of Asolo, Italy. Take a visual tour through the longstanding manufacturing facility to see how a set of Tech 8 and Tech 10 boots are made from start to finish… and get a nice little history lesson along the way.”



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