Fox 360 gear – Photos and a few words (From Zacher)

Fox 360 gear – Photos and a few words (From Zacher)

So my man Zacher gave the 2nd set of gear a try, the fox 360 gear and wrote a few words about it:
As I am writing this I am just on my way back home from a really epic day of riding my dirtbike so please don`t blame me for not having too many bad things to say about the product I’ve tried out for today!

Intro V.2:
When Piers and I showed up at the track today he hooked my up with this mint looking Black/Green coloured Fox 360 Kit in order to try it out for you guys…

The TPR Logo doubles up as a vent.

For me it was the first time ever doing laps in a Fox combo and it felt kinda weird the first time I put it on. The awkward moment turned into pure excitement as soon as I started seeing all the love those Guys at fox put into their product detailing.
It was a hot day at the track and I already started dieing on my first roll up from the pits to the track, but with the first twist on the throttle the gear seeeds to make all things right in terms of ventilation. I actually found myself going extra fast in slow parts of the track just to get that fresh breeze of wind through my system.
After today I want some Fox gear.

Fits perfect.


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