Road Trip to Utah Part 2.

Outside the Life of a Superbike Racer

Temecula, CA — There’s 5 weeks off from the AMA Superbike season in August but that doesn’t mean Chris Fillmore takes a break. After a hard weekend at Miller Motorsports Park Fillmore is ready to recharge in Utah, the summer Mecca of everything outdoors.

In Following Fillmore, episode eleven, follow Chris from single-tracking with Josh Hayes, on off-road adventures, all set on a backdrop on some of the most remarkable vistas in the world. “I love being here,” says Chris, “it’s the mountains, the people…it’s everything, it’s kind of like a second home.”

Tune in to the latest installment of Following Fillmore, at YouTube.com to see the races, reunions, and everything in between in the mountains of Utah.

Director: Limore Shur
Director of Photography: Christopher Fillmore and Chris Mayte
Sound Mixer: Sonia Manalili
Creative Director: TJ McCormick
Editor: Livia Cheibub
Post Producer: Sara Ferrence



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