FMF 2016 KTM 350SXF Sound Bite

FMF 2016 KTM 350SXF Sound Bite

Yup, thats how mine sounds! Bike looks so much better all orange.  I wanted the 2016 models to have an all orange base like this but was over ruled.

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  1. Sean 7 years ago

    Where did you get the plastics from? I’m struggling to find a plastic kit for my 2016 450sxf other than ordering OEM from KTM. Any help in pointing me to someone who sells would be much appreciated!

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      You can order all orange plastics from the KTM powerparts catalogue, if you ask your local KTM dealer they can get it for you. I dont know anybody else who sells them yet, these are OEM in the picture.

  2. Rob 7 years ago

    Hi, you mention that these are OEM plastics and you can get them from the KTM powerparts catalogue. Are you in Europe? I just spoke to the KTM dealer as well as looked at the hardparts catalogue but they do now show solid orange plastics. I am in the US> Thanks for your help. Cheers, Rob

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