FMF 2016 Factory 4.1 exhaust system – KTM / HUSQVARNA

FMF 2016 Factory 4.1 exhaust system – KTM / HUSQVARNA

Riding around XBowl Arena on Monday on the 2016 KTM SX-F with a freshly fitted 2016 FMF Full Titanium/Carbon 4.1 exhaust System I think I reached Moto Nirvana. The track was perfect, the sun was shining, the 350 motor just felt like it never left the sweet spot, and the sound of that FMF pipe was absolutely divine. Lap after lap, I was hitting my lines perfectly as the bike just seemed so much easier to control than it did before. The power felt so smooth. More powerful but a lot more predictable too. I felt I could judge how much power was going to the back wheel wheel so much better than before.

The stock header pipe is annoyingly built in one piece, so in order to remove it you have to undo the top shock bolt and 2 bolts underneath on the linkage. You can then slide the shock down and twist it enough to get the stock header pipe out. It’s a quick job but don’t forget to put some lock-tight back on your shock bolts. To mount the FMF header pipe is easy because it comes in several parts, just put the pieces together, attach the bolts and springs and away you go. You don’t even need any new mapping for your engine.



Due to regulations, the stock bike comes choked up with a huge metal cone all the way down the silencer which holds the motor back in a way that you only really grasp once you have tried the bike with an aftermarket pipe. The FMF pipe is also much lighter and of course, looks amazing. It comes with a baffle you can fit to reduce the sound levels if your track requires it, but we left it out. There is a reason that so many teams all use these FMF pipes, they really are brilliant. 10/10!


Here is the official info:


With over 40 years of building the most dominant performing exhaust systems, FMF Racing introduces the new KTM 2015 FE and 2016 Factory 4.1 exhaust system. Built 100% In-House in our Southern California State-Of-The-Art manufacturing facility using proprietary blends of alloy metals and Patented championship winning parts such as the Megabomb header (Patent # 7510050) the 2016 systems are performance driven with the classic FMF style. Built exclusively in conjunction with the Factory FMF/KTM Offroad team, Troy Lee Designs, and BTO KTM teams, this race inspired system is in stock and available directly through FMF Powered Dealers.

-2.6 LBS lighter than stock

-Huge Power Gains throughout the RPM Range

-RCT (Resonance Chamber Technology

-New RTS (Rapid Tuning System)

-FIM/AMA Sound and Spark Arrestor Included

-FMF Wash Plug Included

-MADE 100% in the USA

Used and developed by athletes: Andrew Short, Justin Brayton, Kailub Russell, Taylor Roberts, Charlie Mullins, Ivan Ramirez, Jessy Nelson, and Shane Mcelrath

FMF 4.1 KTM F.E/ 16 Slip On Muffler 250/350/450 $499.99
FMF KTM F.E/16   Titanium Megabomb head and mid pipe $499.99
FMF Full Titanium/Carbon 4.1 System    $949.99

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They also just launched one for the new Husqvarna’s!

16 FC 450 side

16 FC250 4.1

Developed and tested in conjunction with the World Husqvarna Factory race teams and athletes such as

FC 450                                                       FC 250

-Jason Anderson                                     – Zach Osborne

-Christoph Pourcel                                -Martin Davalos

-Max Nagl                                             -Zach Bell

-Todd Waters


Available directly through FMF Performance Dealers and Follow @fmf73


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