First ride on the MV Agusta 675 Brutale Trepistone

First ride on the MV Agusta 675 Brutale Trepistone

I went out for a ride at Lunch today with Monsieur Elvin Helias, my work colleague and proud owner of a new 2012 MV Agusta 675 Brutale Trepistone. I asked him to write a small review to go with some of the photos I took and he kindly obliged, so without further ado, over to Elvin.

“After fetching the bike from Vienna yesterday and swallowing 400kms of highway I was quite happy to ride it on a proper road even with brand new tires and the motor not fully run in so I joined Piers at our lunch break for a tour at the Roßfeld.

Right now the feeling is quite weird. I didn´t ride any bike since my crash last September and the last bike I rode was a 920 Brutale, 4 cylinders, 100hp (French homologation) and 185kg. Here it´s a different world, 675cc, 3 cylinders, 115hp and 163kg. So it´s simple the bike is a feather with a motor attached to it, quite different to the bikes I used to ride before

Very light and narrow, she (because it can only be a she) is very easy to bring in any curve, the wide handlebar and the big steering angle (compared to the 920) make everything easy. Right now I ride on Normal Mapping mode (Rain/Normal/Sport/Custom) and the traction control on level (on 8) and she stick to the road even with the throttle full open on the 2nd gear. Until 8,000 rpm, she literally push you forward in order to accelerate and pass the 8000rpm where she goes rogue, loud low sound (thanks to the 3 pipes) and huge acceleration.

So far it’s an exciting ride, despite not really pushing it for now due to the new tires. I really look forward finishing to prep the motor, canceling the traction control and put the S mode on to really know what kind of guts she has.

Nothing to say on the design side, I bought it so I love it, even if a special CTG will come on it soon (firstly by turning most of the grey parts into black).

More impressions in few weeks!

Cant have a post without a couple of wheelies in it right?! Since Elvin was taking it easy, I was forced to do a few.

The Brutale is a very nice bike for sure, but I still reckon (obviously) the Duke whoops on the MV for excitement :)

Start of tourist season here so there are starting to be quite a lot of cars on the roads. Still nice to ride, but you got to take it a little easier. Not always a bad thing.


  1. jaski_sm 11 years ago

    He looks brilliant in this black jacket and helmet! Is it Dainese D-Stone jacket?

    • Author
      admin 11 years ago

      I think so, but he is on Holiday so cant check. Will ask him when he is back.

  2. lvn 11 years ago

    Hey, thanks for the comment. And yes indeed this is the Dainese Horizon D-Stone textile jacket. It saved my life once so i bought the same again! However i just came back from my holidays with the magnificent & vintage Dainese Carbon Pelle Jacket! Rahhhh!

  3. noah 10 years ago

    great photos and mini review! random but any idea what the black boots are in the first few pics?

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