First ride 2013 – KTM Duke 690

First ride 2013 – KTM Duke 690

Just got back from my first ride of the year! There is still a lot of snow, but the sun came out and the temperature rose to a whopping 4 degrees in the valley so I grabbed my warmest gear and set off up the mountain next to my house. Lots of photos of the KTM Duke and the mountains below!


The Duke has been sitting untouched in my garage for the past 5 months but it fired up perfectly first press of the button.






There was a lot more snow than I was expecting and most of the way up it was melting and running across the road so I took it pretty easy.


Was great to be back on a bike!


You can almost see spring from here!


The roads were so cold that the back stepped out on me a fair few times but it’s pretty easy to deal with on the Duke. Was also quite nice to have ABS. I must be getting old!



SO nice up the top of Rossfeld! All photos taken with the iPhone 5.


  1. Rainer Diabl 10 years ago

    Still snow on the roads? Argh. But amazing pics, as always. I also completed a couple of rides already :)

    • Derestricted 10 years ago

      yea was pretty sketchy, and the roads were really cold so no chance of warming the tyres to get any lean going. Super nice ride though anyway!

    • Rainer Diabl 10 years ago

      Are they cashing you up in winter too?

      • Author
        admin 10 years ago

        not sure what that means dude!

    • Derestricted 10 years ago

      No idea what that means man!

    • Rainer Diabl 10 years ago

      Sorry: Are they still taking money from you when you want to ride Rossfeld? :p

    • Rainer Diabl 10 years ago

      Sorry: Are they still taking money from you when you want to ride Rossfeld? :p

    • Derestricted 10 years ago

      Yea they do. 4 euros. Not too bad.

  2. mark 10 years ago

    Such a lucky man to live in a rad place. I live in SF and its nice pretty much all the time, but those mountains we have nothing like that!

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      SF is nice too. Bit too far to tahoe though. My mum lives just north of SF, some pretty ncie roads up there too.

  3. mark 10 years ago

    Amazing riding, great views, great food etc. Headed to tahoe in a few days to go ice climbing, just too far away

  4. Cam Mead 10 years ago

    looks good you must have been itching for a ride, thats some beautiful but sketchy conditions!

  5. snailofsatan 10 years ago

    man I need to take mine out for a spin soon.

    I can’t bring myself to take it out on the cold wet roads and get salt all over it!

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      ah you will be fine man, just give it a good jet wash afterwards. Take it easy though, very slippery when you cant warm up the tires!

  6. Lorenzo 10 years ago

    Hello, I like a lot both bike and snow. I would like to ask if the grapich of this 690 Duke are available on the market or if they are self made. I am 44 years old and would love to buy a 690 2012. I think it is great. Thanks a lot.

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      Hi Lorenzo,
      I made the stock GFX too, but these ones I just made made for this bike. I am sure you can find someone to make you some custom GFX if you like as well though.
      Cheers, good choice of bike, I love it!

      • Lorenzo 10 years ago

        Hello and thanks for Your answer. Asking to get a Pdf of that GFX would be asking to much? Thanks again

        • Author
          admin 10 years ago

          Yea, sorry man, cant really do that! You could buy the powerparts GFX kit though and scan it to make templates and then make your own one from that.

  7. Braam Nel 9 years ago

    Where can I get the Decal set from this bike ?

  8. Braam Nel 9 years ago

    Where can I get the Decal set from this bike ? Shit sorry only read previous comments now.

  9. Maggo 8 years ago

    Yes, great decal set. I would like to have it, too……

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