First proper MX ride of 2015 – X-Bowl Arena

First proper MX ride of 2015 – X-Bowl Arena

After four months off the bike for the winter, and despite clocking over 400km on my mountain bike already this year, to say I felt rusty would be a massive understatement! I was all over the place, plowing over ruts, missing my lines and generally sucking more than I remember doing for a long time! The track was quite challenging too, and my suspension felt like it was bouncing me all over the place on even the tiniest bumps.

Anyway, it was still great to be back riding again! Now I just need to put in some seat time to get back into the groove a bit, and work on my suspension! I was with Zajcmaster who was on his 250 EXC, and another friend Bjorn who shot a few of the photos. We were riding the X-Bowl arena endurocross track a bit as well and it was pretty fun. Maybe I am getting too old to ride motocross and should just switch over to Enduro :)



  1. Curtis 8 years ago

    H1 is sweet. Tough to get three bikes in the back of that thing?

    • Author
      admin 8 years ago

      Impossible! We came in my friends Van :)

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