First motorcycles @EICMA

First motorcycles @EICMA

This post is for the dad’s out there with young kids! Walking around EICMA I couldn’t help but notice quite a few new options for a kids first motorcycle. My eldest son is 3.5 years old so the thought is of course on my mind as to what to get him. If I can persuade my wife anyway! I got my first little 50cc scrambler at the age of 4 and it was without a doubt the best thing which ever happened to me, even if I did drive it straight into the side of the house and knock myself out on my first ride!


Serious business from Polini!




Half of the bikes were electric, but I think thats not such a bad thing to get started on. It means you dont have to drive so far for your kid to ride it if you have neighbors close by. They also have less parts and are cheap.

A KTM SX50 should be in this post but I didn’t see one at the show.


Electric trials bike from Sherco looks interesting.  My 2nd bike was a trials bike (TY80) and I learnt a lot of my bike skills on it,



Another electric trails offering from Beta.


An electric scrambler from Sherco. This one is near the top of the list at the moment even if it does have the 2001 Ktm sx spoilers on it!


The original and possibly still the best minibike, as it has been for decades, the 2014 PW50.


  1. Adriaan Sinke 9 years ago

    Funny, I am playing with the same idea.. Question is whether I should finally put my old monkey bike together for my (also 3.5 year old) son or get one of those electric bikes..

  2. I like this"I love the motors that are in the pictures it felt like I had it"http://pintu

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