The KTM Enduro Factory Team turned up the heat again this weekend at Rd. 5-6 of the World Enduro Championship to leave Kalambaka in Greece with another cache of podiums and championship points.

Christophe Nambotin came away with a 1-2 in the E1 class and was well supported by teammate Cristobal Guerrero with a 4-3 results. Antoine Meo had a 2-1 results in the tight E2 class and Ivan Cervantes and Matthew Phillips dominated E3, each picking up a race win and a podium.

Factory team boss Fabio Farioli said it had been a very positive weekend with all five riders on the podium on Sunday and wins in E1 and E3 on Saturday plus a podium second and third. “This was a very good result for us and allowed us to extend the points leadership in all three classes. It was two days of hard riding in very hot and dusty conditions.”

Nambotin of France won six tests on Saturday and was well placed in the remaining tests to wrap up his day with a 37.98-second advantage. He made a couple of mistakes in the opening Enduro test on Sunday, dropping about 13 seconds in the process but still fought back to trail eventual winner Eero Remes by just under three seconds after a long and hard day’s ride. Spanish teammate Guerrero, who finished fourth on Saturday, was in much better form on Sunday to take third overall. Nambotin, the current E3 champion comes away with a 29-point lead in E1 with Guerrero on second place. They both compete on the KTM 250 EXC-F machine.

French rider Antoine Meo exacted revenge on Sunday by reclaiming the class victory from countryman Pela Renet who stole the glory on Saturday by just 2.04 seconds. Meo did well tor recover after a shaky start on Day One where he had to scramble back from four crashes in the opening two tests and fought hard at the end of the round to make it a close call for Renet. He claimed seven test wins on Sunday and finished with a 19.13 second advantage over Renet.


“Meo had a slow start yesterday and didn’t find his rhythm but today he was fighting right from the start,” Fairoli said. Meo moved from E1 in 2013, where he was the dominant rider into the highly competitive E2 class this season. He rides the KTM 350 EXC-F machine.

It was an excellent weekend for both of the KTM factory riders in the big bike category. Spain’s Ivan Cervantes took the victory from Matthias Bellino of France on Saturday with team rookie Matthew Phillips finishing overall third despite several big mistakes in the second extreme test. But the young Australian bounced back on Sunday to claim his first win for the team after leading the race from start to finish.

Phillips victory spoilt Cervantes’ perfect scorecard but the Spaniard still has an 18-point lead over Phillips in the points. Cervantes was a close contender throughout Sunday’s race and put in a heroic finish despite an ankle injury in the closing stages. Both Cervantes and Phillips compete on the KTM 300 EXC machine.

The next two rounds are on June 7-8, 2014 in Heinola, Finland


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Enduro World Championship, at Kalambaka, Greece
E1 Results Rd. 5
1, Christophe Nambotin, FRA, KTM
2, Jeremy Tarroux, FRA, Sherco
3, Anthony Boissiere, FRA, Sherco
4, Cristobal Guerrero, ESP, KTM
5, Jaume Betriu, ESP, Husqvarna
Other KTM
9, Rudy Moroni, ITA, KTM

E2 Results Rd. 5
1, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, FRA, Husqvarna
2, Antoine Meo, FRA, KTM
3, Alex Salvini, ITA, Honda
4, Johnny Aubert, FRA, Beta
5, Oriol Mena, ESP, Beta
Other KTM
8, Mirko Gritti, ITA, KTM

E3 Results Rd. 5
1, Ivan Cervantes, ESP, KTM
2, Mathias Bellino, FRA, Husqvarna
3, Matthew Phillips, AUS, KTM
4, Luis Correia, POR, Beta
5, Jeremy Joly, FRA, KTM
Other KTM
11, Oscar Balletti, ITA, KTM
13, Simone Albergoni, ITA, KTM
16, Apostolos Zvinterikos, GRE, KTM

EJ Results Rd. 5
1, Giacomo Redondi, ITA, Beta
2, Daniel McCanney, GBR, Beta
3, Loic Larrieu, FRA, Husqvarna
4, Nicolo Mori, ITA, KTM
5, Alessandro Battig, ITA, Honda
Other KTM
6, Rannar Uusna, EST, KTM
7, Eloi Salsench, ESP, KTM
8, Lars Lofgren, SWE, KTM
10, Kirian Mirabet, ESP, KTM

Youth Cup Rd. 5
1, Davide Soreca, ITA, Yamaha
2, Nicolas Pellegrinelli, ITA, KTM
3, Benjamin Herrera, CHI, TM

E1 Results Rd. 6
1, Eero Remes, FIN, TM
2, Christophe Nambotin, FRA, KTM
3, Cristobal Guerrero, ESP, KTM
4, Jeremy Tarroux, FRA, Sherco
5, Thomas Oldrati, ITA, Husqvarna
Other KTM
8, Rudy Moroni, ITA, KTM

E1 Standings after Round 6
1, Nambotin, 117
2, C. Guerrero, 88
3, Remes, 80
4, Boissiere, 78
5, Tarroux, 78
Other KTM
8, Moroni, 40
12, Hubner, 26
13, Rodriques, 7

E2 Results Rd. 6
1, Antoine Meo, FRA, KTM
2, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, FRA, Husqvarna
3, Johnny Aubert, FRA, Beta
4, Jonathan Barragan, ESP, Husqvarna
5, Oriol Mena, ESP, Beta
Other KTM
8, Mirko Gritti, ITA, KTM

E2 Standings after Round 6
1, Meo, 114
2, Renet, 106
3, Aubert, 86
4, Salvini, 66
5, Mena, 63
Other KTM
9, Gritti, 36
12, Reis, 21
14, V. Guerrero, 8

E3 Results Rd. 6
1, Matthew Phillips, AUS, KTM
2, Ivan Cervantes, ESP, KTM
3, Mathias Bellino, FRA, Husqvarna
4, Matti Seistola, FIN, Sherco
5, Luis Correia, POR, Beta
Other KTM
8, Jeremy Joly, FRA, KTM
9, Oscar Balletti, ITA, KTM
12, Apostolos Zvinterikos, GRE, KTM

E3 Standings after Round 6
1, Cervantes, 117
2, Phillips, 99
3, Bellino, 83
4, Seistola, 77
5, Correia, 70
Other KTM
6, Joly, 58
11, Albergoni, 29
12, Balletti, 28

EJ Results Rd. 6
1, Giacomo Redondi, ITA, Beta
2, Loic Larrieu, FRA, Husqvarna
3, Daniel McCanney, GBR, Beta
4, Alessandro Battig, ITA, Honda
5, Nicolo Mori, ITA, KTM
Other KTM
6, Oliver Nelson, SWE, KTM
7, Lars Lofgren, SWE, KTM
8, Rannar Uusna, EST, KTM
10, Eloi Salsench, ESP, KTM
14, Kirian Mirabet, ESP, KTM

EJ Standings after Round 6
1, D. McCanney, 112
2, Redondi, 106
3, Larrieu, 92
4, Mori, 70
5, Ventura, 53
Other KTM
7, Salsench, 48
9, Uusna, 44
10, Mirabet, 30

Youth Cup Rd. 6
1, Davide Soreca, ITA, Yamaha
2, Nicolas Pellegrinelli, ITA, KTM
3, Albin Elowson, SWE, Husqvarna

Youth Cup Standings after Round 6
1, Soreca, 105
2, Miroir, 76
3, Pellegrinelli, 72

Photos by Future 7 Media.


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