Evil bikes at Eurobike 2015

Evil bikes at Eurobike 2015

Firstly, let us apologise, as we totally blew this post. We went to the Evil bikes booth to check out their all new Evil Insurgent 27.5 and the Evil following 29er which first came to our attention when it won the bible of bikes shootout earlier in the year, but we met up with our old friend Dave Weagle who designed it’s DELTA suspension system and got sidetracked drinking beers instead! We even kind of blew the photos because Dave and Evil bikes mastermind Kevin kept cracking jokes so the photos are mainly blurry due to laughing while trying to focus, so if you want to know how sick the new Evil insurgent is please visit Enduro MTB and check out their serious post on it here! http://enduro-mtb.com/en/eurobike-2015-the-new-evil-insurgent-27-5/

What we can tell you is the new Evil insurgent has 151mm of travel and shares the same DELTA linkage system that the Evil following uses, which by all accounts, somehow using science, makes 120mm of travel on a 29er feel bottomless, so we can only begin to imagine how good the Evil Insurgent must be with the longer travel!


The DELTA has a dual leverage ratio built into the suspension curve and features flip chips which in the LOW setting give you a 65.6 degrees head angle and 430mm chainstays and in the very low setting lengthens the bike a bit giving it 432mm chainstays and a 64.8 degree head angle. Aggressive! By the way, DELTA stands for ‘ Dave’s Extra Legitimate Travel Apparatus’. He’s a funny dude, and he knows science.



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