Erzbergrodeo 2017 – derestricted photos

Erzbergrodeo 2017 – derestricted photos

Erzbergrodeo was as spectacular and unreal as ever this year! Really love visiting that place, even more so now we are working with Haibike and seeing how stoked people are to try out the new bikes and charge up and down the mountain with huge smiles on their faces.

Rode the full prologue track 4 times, and went up the other side of the mountain 2 other times, so in total, we got over 5000m of climbing during the time we were there.

Would have been slow and tedious without a motor on our bikes, but with the motor it was a blast! So rad to ride with so many legends too. Can’t really mention them all though as some already have bike sponsorships, but basically every top 10 rider pretty much was out on a Haibike at some time or another!

To start off with, here are some shots I got for Haibike:

And on to the Enduro, couple of shots of the start:

I only shot photos at the Dynamite section this year as I was busy working the rest of the time, but anyway, lots of photos below!


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