Enduro and XC bikes at Eurobike 2014

Enduro and XC bikes at Eurobike 2014

As usual there were loads of nice bikes on display at Eurobike. Some people were shouting out about their range of enduro bikes while others seemed a little testy about the title not wanting to pingeonhole their bikes or themselves. “They are not enduro bikes, they are all just mountain bikes!” one fellow said to me with a hint of irritation in his voice. Nice chap apart from that and gave us a free beer which is always good! Anyway, I don’t have all that much to say really except that what’s with all the blacked out bikes??!







There were still a few bikes with color on display but overall way too many black on black, matt/glossy bikes! Don’t get me wrong, I like black too but it was a little boring. Plus they are kind of a pain to photograph. Actually very few stands had displays that were good to photograph.


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