EMX125 Arco Di Trento

EMX125 Arco Di Trento

A few of us from KISKA drove the 4 hours from Salzburg down to the MXGP at Arco Di Trento yesterday which was absolutely brilliant.


The 125 European Motocross championship race started shortly after we arrived, and to watch these young kids launching the massive tabletop on the track was incredible.


The 125’s they were riding are the trickest little 2 stroke motocrossers on the planet and having grown up riding and racing 125’s I love seeing and hearing these things in action as well as just sitting looking mad trick in the pits!

EMX125 Championship at Arco di Trento
Results Rd. 1
1, Davy Pootjes, NED, KTM, 50 points
2, Michele Baraiolo, ITA, 35
3, Joakin Furbetta, ITA, 34
4, Brian Hsu, GER, 33
5, David Herbreteau FRA, Yamaha 32

Championship Standings after Rd. 1
1, Pootjes, 50
2, Baraiolo, 35
3, Furbetta, 34
4, Hsu, 33
5, Herbreteau 32



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