E-MX Race of Champion 2014 + some derestricted comments….

E-MX Race of Champion 2014 + some derestricted comments….

Some more footage and rider interviews from the KTM freeride E (ELECTRIC) race last weekend. It needs to be repeated since there are so many anti electric bike comments on these videos, these bikes are NOT a replacement at the moment for Motocross bikes. They are however, wicked fun to ride. If you like riding dirtbikes, mountain bikes or BMX bikes and you have a pulse, whatever you may think about the lack of sound, and if you are anything like me, you will love riding these things if you have the right track for them. Even more so if you have some mates to race against.

I have owned a 150SX 2 stroke for the last 3 years and I grew up racing KX80’s, KX100’s, RM125’s, KX125’s and a KTM125 so I love screaming bikes, I love the smell of premix more than pretty much any other smell in this world and yet I absolutely loved riding the KTM freeride E. Not that it matters, but that doesn’t make me gay, I am married with kids. Having ridden the bikes a few times it just makes me aware of the potential to ride them in places you never could in the past. Do you have a decent sized backyard but neighbours that would not put up with the sound of your 250f? Your set, this bike is perfect! DO you have a little land, but you cant ride on it due to noise complaints? You are back in business amigo!

An electric bike is no better for the environment than a 2 stroke or 4 stroke dirtbike, since the power usually comes from a dirty source anyway like coal or gas. What it IS better at is opening up potential riding spots in or near urban and built up areas and considering how built up this planet is getting, thats not a bad thing at all. I am not about to forego my proper motocross bike for one of these (yet), but if I had somewhere to ride it then it would be a seriously nice addition to the garage.



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