Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey captured his third overall win of the season finishing 1-2 at round six of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series held at Moto-X 338 racetrack in Southwick, MA. Teammate Ken Roczen was second in the 250 class and retails the points lead in the championship standings.










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Dungey didn’t get the best of starts and was sitting in tenth after the opening lap. But be worked hard at picking off rider in front of him and was in third spot by lap 10. KTM rider Andrew Short was in the lead in what was his best race of the season and was out in front. Dungey first Dungey got by Brett Metcalfe for second made the pass on Short with two laps to go. Dungey went on to win the moto with Short firmly placed second.

In the final 450 moto Dungey got a great start. He grabbed the holeshot and battled wheel-on wheel with Ryan Villopoto through the opening turns. Villopoto eventually got the upper hand and moved into the early lead with Dungey positioned close behind. The pair battled upfront for the majority of the moto but Villopoto prevailed and Dungey took second. Dungey’s 1-2 moto results beat out Villopoto’s 4-1 results earning him his second straight overall win and third overall victory of the season.

“Today was a good day,” said Dungey. “It’s nice to come out on top two weeks in a row. I feel I rode really good in moto one putting in solid laps and pushing myself. I ’m not too stoked with finishing moto two in second place but I know I gave it my all and I pushed all the way to the end. What I’m most happy about is earning more championship points and narrowing the points gap to 12. I think we’re in for an exciting end to the Motocross season with six rounds left.”
Roczen Second at Southwick
Meanwhile Red Bull KTM Factory teammate Ken Roczen earned second overall in the 250 class at the Moto-X 338 racetrack while teammate Marvin Musquin finished eighth overall.







Both riders were caught up with a bunch of riders in the opening 250 moto and while Roczen navigated his way through to challenge the opening lap from a mid-pack position,. Musquin went down in the corner and was forced to race from the back of the pack. Roczen was quicker to recover, slicing his way from eleventh to third position in just five laps. Musquin rounded lap one in 24th place and by lap 10 had worked his way to tenth. Roczen went down in the closing stages but was quick to get back up and finished the moto in third position. Musquin was tenth at the flag.






Both riders made a better start in the second moto with Roczen nabbing the holeshot and Musquin close behind him in second. Roczen went on to ride a perfect race, leading every lap of the race to take an impressive win. Musquin who has been fighting a head cold this week struggled to fend off advances from a number of riders eventually finished ninth. Roczen’s 3-1 results put him second overall with Eli Tomac beating him for the overall (1-2) and Musquin was eighth.

“I’m really happy to win another moto,” said Roczen. “It always feels good winning. I got a really bad start in the first moto when Marvin (Musquin) was forced into me in the opening turn. Starting a race mid-pack always ends up being a lot of extra work so I was happy in moto two when I go the holeshot and was able to ride my own race. I didn’t get tired and felt good the whole moto, which I’m really happy about. The team and I have also come a long way this week dialing my race bike in to my liking. Every rider is different and what works for Marvin set-up wise doesn’t necessarily work for me. We worked a lot on my set-up this past week and it showed today. I’m really happy with the way everything panned out this week.”

Next Event: Buchanan, MI – July 6th, 2013

Overall Results 450 MX Class –
1. Ryan Dungey , KTM 1-2
2. Ryan Villopoto 4-1
3. Justin Barcia 3-3
4. Brett Metcalfe 5-6
5. Andrew Short 2-16
6. Tyla Rattray 10-8
7. Phil Nicoletti 6-13
8. Mike Alessi 8-12
9. Broc Tickle 11-10
10. Josh Grant 13 11

Overall Point Standings –
1. Ryan Villopoto 283
2. Ryan Dungey 271
3. Justin Barcia 219
4. Trey Canard 169
5. Mike Alessi 158
6. James Stewart 140
7. Tyla Rattray 119
8. Broc Tickle 115
9. Andrew Short 110
10. Jake Weimer 109

Overall Results 250 MX Class –
1 Eli Tomac 1-2
2 Ken Roczen, KTM 3-1
3 Zach Osborne 5-3
4 Blake Baggett 2-8
5 Jason Anderson 6-4
6 Cole Seely 8-7
7 Kyle Cunningham 13-5
8 Marvin Musquin 10-9
9 Adam Cianciarulo 9-12
10 Alex Martin 12-11
11 Justin Hill 14-10
12 Justin Bogle 4-33
13 Darryn Durham 11-14
14 Jeremy Martin 35-6
15 Cooper Webb 7-34
16 Jackson Richardson 16-16
17 Brady Kiesel 15-17
18 James Decotis 29-13
19 Jesse Wentland 17-18
20 Blake Wharton 39-15

Overall Point Standings –
1. Ken Roczen 265
2. Eli Tomac 258
3. Blake Baggett 223
4. Marvin Musquin 222
5. Zach Osborne 185
6. Jason Anderson 161
7. Kyle Cunningham 131
8. Jeremy Martin 124
9. Justin Bogle 122
10. Cooper Webb 113


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