Don Cammorata – KTM 950 Supertard

Don Cammorata – KTM 950 Supertard

A few years ago I met Don on a trip to BMW Motorrad Design when I was working on a project with them. He told me about a personal project he was working on, to rebuild and customise a KTM 950 Supermoto and said he would send me some photos when it was all finished. Well, here it is!

By profession I am a Car Designer turned motorcycle designer (not a “bike builder”) with in-studio experience at Toyota, Honda Motorcycles, BMW Motorrad, Porsche, Triumph Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad Design who I have been working with for the past 8 years + 3 years in the late 90’s, 11 years total with these guys. Design Lead for the BMW Concept-6, Concept-101, K-1600 Bagger, GTL/GT and the new F850/F750 GS & K1600 Grand America…


The production KTM 950 Supermoto is such an amazing and rippingly fun bike to ride… Ton’s of soul. My intent with the Project was not to mess with any of the stock reliability and function of the bike. The plan was to make it unique in style and mine… Basically get rid of all the stuff that was designed and driven by markets and laws and not needed!


With my bikes I like versatility. What is great about this 950 chassis is it was designed to be used on the street as a supermoto and as a jumbo enduro. The Sm’s base/core is on the street side and it’s abviously not a dirt bike, but when you see a dirt road that needs to be explored the machine needs to be up for the abuse!…KTM’s have an off-road soul, this I like. It’s Part Urban Asault Vehicle, Part Backroad Bomber (sport bike squid destroyer) and Part Gravel Road Super Scrambler.

Stripped the bike and realized how pure, clean and well engineered the chassis is without all the bodywork…From there, just started to put the stuff needed back on to keep the build and ride quality of the bike intact.


Reduced and shortened the front and rear bodywork so the wheels could stick out which also helps emphasize the mechanical core of the bike. Put a KTM Super Enduro fuel tank, panels and seat on it and trimmed them down for proportion, this tank and seat also helped expose the frame and motor compared to the original tank.


Kept the stock rear sub-frame but cut a third off the back (as well as the battery box & sesat) and shortened the lenght of the top tube runs at the front so the frame could be rotated forward slightly to give it a more aggressive angle without screwing up the stock ergos – which worked really good! Also, with the stock cast chassis parts I filed of all the tools lines to clean them up!


Theres many fabricated parts, much of it bent and trimmed aluminuim to hold the lighting and electical bits as well as a custom oil sump protector + trimmed KTM OE plastic parts. Also had to design several brackets to switch from the stock Supermoto tank to the SuperEnduro tank along with some radiator parts.”



Photography by Mark Adams –


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