DJI SAM SOE – Director’s cut

DJI SAM SOE – Director’s cut

2015. Dji Sam Soe – JWT. Commercial.
“The Indonesian arm of multinational advertising giant J. Walter Thompson reached out to LUMBRE to create a television spot for their client, Dji Sam Soe Super Premium.
They came with a pretty straightforward idea that they wanted to bring to life. The brief describe several layers of protection that finally reveal the precious Dji Sam Soe logo.
Dji Sam Soe means Two Three Four, the sum of which is nine, and is a lucky number. Try to see how many hidden twos, threes, fours, and nines you can find in the piece.
This piece simultaneously premiered on nine different Indonesian television channels. (If you were reading closely, you caught the importance of the number of channels and deserve a gold star: nine-pointed, of course.)


Client: J. Walter Thompson
Ivan Wibowo – Chief Creative Officer
Shinta Prasethyo – Head of Design
Melvin Christian – Designer
Johan Shabudin – Chief Account Officer
Ammia Deviena Anggia – Account Director
Niken Angganawati – Account Manager
Aryanti Widiretantri – Senior Account Executive
Arsyad Dede – Copywriter
Yutha Oktavina (not Octavina) – Executive Producer
Cindy Agustia – Producer
Music by Fuse adventures in Audio

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh

Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo

Art Director LUMBRE: Adriana Campos
Producer: Fatima Requena

Account Manager: Jeff Keisel
Art Directors: José Cambariere, Andy Cambiasso
3D Lead Animation: José Cambariere, Julián Cooke
3D Animation: Julián Cooke, Damian Stricker, José Cambariere
Composition: Julián Cooke


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