Dirt Electric Mountain Bikes

Dirt Electric Mountain Bikes

Dirt magazine are getting into the eBike media game, which is great news since we have been fans of Dirt forever, and became eBike converts ourselves a couple of years ago after riding a Haibike NDURO on some big mountain trails for the first time. They have a new whole new section on their website here dedicated to eBikes as well as this nice vid above explaining what the bikes are about.

Climbing steep, technical stuff that you never could on a normal bicycle is our favourite aspect of riding eBikes, something that this video demonstrates quite well!

They also review our favourite eBike to date the Haibike XDURO DwnHll here! By far the best handling eBike we have ridden downhill, it also climbs well enough, although as Dirt also notice, it would certainly benefit from a wider gear ration than the DH one it is currently specced with.




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