I wanted a couple of simple Logo T-shirts for wearing when I go to shows and races and whatnot and due to the cost of making the screens it seemed worthwhile to print up a few more to sell in the store. I only printed s-m-l and some sizes I am already down to only a couple left, so if you want one grab it quick.

de-tshirt-navy de-tshirt-grey


  1. Adriaan Sinke 9 years ago

    Aargh, no XL! Oh well, save some money for fuel.

  2. Nacho 9 years ago

    Niceee!!!blue model is better hahah, congrats!!

  3. Sebastien Stassin 9 years ago

    100% cool

  4. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Yea sorry, in hindsight I should have printed XL instead of the Small ones. Next time.

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