Firstly thank you to everybody who submitted your bikes to the contest. The response has been amazing, so many nice bikes! A couple of things were immediately noticeable, firstly that amongst the submissions there are almost as many, if not more KTM EXC’s being converted into supermotos than are being used as Enduro bikes, and secondly that you guys spend a lot more money on your bikes than on your cameras! Haha. This is how it should be though for any proper moto head!

Amazingly we have actually now already passed 90, 000 facebook likes and are getting close to 100K, so will run a DERESTRICTED 90K contest starting this week. We already have loads of good submissions for it, but if you would like to also enter, private message us here:

Anyway, on to the winners. In the end, they were all supermotos! It was close amongst the 2nd – 5th place but the winner was head and shoulders above the rest, with a massive and well deserved 2,432 likes! Please email us at to give us your address and sizes so we can send you the prizes. Thanks!

1st Place – 2, 432 likes.

Riku Aittokoski’s KTM EXC 450 2012 supermoto has lowered suspension, a tuned engine, better fuel pump, brakes, alpina carbon matrix rims, custom GFX and pretty much everything done on it too.
PRIZE: 100% Goggles, a DERESTRICTED T-Shirt /Stickers and 2X SP Gadgets x DE custom GoPro/Phone bar mounts.

The photo is also excellent, taken by nikowillmanphotography





2nd Place – 324 likes.

Lieven De Jonge’s Husqvaran FS450! I had to upload this bike twice in the contest, because the first photo was too low res, but it’s well worthy of 2nd place in high res. Plus I designed the color, trim and GFX on it :)
PRIZE: A pair of 100% Gloves, DERESTRICTED T-Shirt and 2x SP Gadgets x DE custom GoPro / Phone bar mounts.

fs450 husqvarna-fs450-supermoto


3rd Place – 314 likes.

Nice sunset Endo from the FatheadzCrew. We counted the likes on their page for the total.
PRIZE: DERESTRICTED T-Shirt / Stickers and 2x SP Gadgets x DE custom GoPro / Phone bar mount.



4th Place – 204 likes.

Vadovics Gábor sent in this great shot of himself by photographer/készítette: Katona Gábor (
BIKE: street legal ’05 KTM 450 EXC Racing converted to supermoto (17″ wheels, SMR suspension and front brake)
Team: MotomaX

PRIZE: SP Gadgets x DE custom GoPro/Phone bar mount.




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