DERESTRICTED 200K Likes – 1.1m Reach!

DERESTRICTED 200K Likes – 1.1m Reach!

When we started if you had told us we would surpass 200k followers on facebook, and achieve a reach of 1.1 Million per week we would have thought you were a little crazy! As this has now happened we want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to some people! First and foremost to all of you who support derestricted, following us, commenting, and sending us photos of your bikes. The world is a little crazy nowadays with so many wars and so much fighting, so to see so many of you from so many countries, races and religions united through a common passion for bikes is a great thing. Big up yourselves!

Secondly we would like to thank the companies and individuals who also share this passion and help support derestricted, Gerald KISKA , even though we had a rough ending, was instrumental in helping us get our first bike to test, a KTM 690 Duke and was an early supporter of the site. KTM for making so many brilliant bikes, and letting us ride and review some of them. All of the guys at Ride 100% for keeping our vision clear and our grip on the bikes dialled. Husqvarna for the FE350 we had on long term test, which carried us though Romaniacs and which performed flawlessly for the 40 hours we put on it. Alpinestars for making some brilliant boots and protection which keep our whole crew safe on the bikes.

One Industries for so much of the Moto and Mountain bike gear which keeps us looking fresh, Moe at XBowl arena for setting up and always pushing to improve our local track, without which we would have nowhere to ride! Balázs Hoffmann at Dirtpark for making the best track in the world in Hungary, which we have visited a few times for riding and testing, and FMF for the amazing exhaust systems which really do take your bike to the next level. for the Specialized long term test bike which has helped us get fitter than we have been for years and Haibike for making a killer ePerformance Mountain bike which opens up so many new possibilities and trails for riding. Thanks to for the track day at Panoniaring which opened our eyes to a new world of street bikes. Thanks to Jo Wolframm for the invite to Romaniacs and Joe Figl for being my riding partner during the trip.

We would also like to thank Sebas Romero and the Black and Rad crew (and Cesar Rojo) for taking so many sick photos and letting us share them with you! Other thanks have to go out to Ola and Bianca at BMW Motorrad for giving us some great projects to work on this year, as well Benelli, Gilles Tooling, Dave Weagle, Haibike, and SP Systems. Oh yea and Andy Noakley!

We support those who support us. We pick our partners carefully, and would never recommend any product or company that does not strive for excellence and share our passion for bikes.

Also thanks to the other magazines, Sideburn magazine for featuring us a couple of times, BikeExif and Meta for pushing the boundaries of what bike media is. Also to all the bloggers and riding crews, especially Supermoto Central and Supermofools!

Last but not least, we need to thank our crew, Zajcmaster, Photographer, main riding buddy and designer. Jason Moriarty, the most badass dude on a dirtbike I know and copywriter and conceptualist for KTM/Husqvarna. Chris Hauthaler from KTM/Husqvarna Salzburg and our other riding buddies old and new, Reno Wideson, Simon Garfunkel, Guido Tschugg, Matts Engler, Bjorn Shuster, Henry Hart, Jarrod Runciman, Josef Dobes, Yann Berger, PJ Raschidi, Chris Iovescu and Xndl. Hopefully we haven’t forgotten anybody, but if we have, thank you too!

The future is looking brighter than it has for years, watch this space!

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