Cesar Rojo’s Husqvarna FC450

Cesar Rojo’s Husqvarna FC450

Cesar Rojo is not only a badass on a mountain bike, winning the World Cup Downhill Masters +30 race this year on a prototype DH bike he engineered, but is also a moto head through and through. When not out riding he runs the successful CERO design studio in Barcelona.

He happens to be an all around nice dude as well, who we have known for quite a few years now, so when he recently picked up a new 2016 Husqvarna FC450 we designed a custom graphics kit for him as a gift in return for some photos when it was finished.


Normally I start with a 1:10 scale design over the photo or rendering in photoshop to try various ideas and see what looks best. After I am happy with a design, I then do the 1:1  graphics in illustrator and when they are finished print them out to check the alignment of the pieces and the graphics a few times to make sure everything looks as good on the bike as the illustrator file. There is then almost always a need to do a couple of quick refinement loops to get it really perfect, especially for production models. For this bike though I just went straight into Illustrator and when it looked correct just sent it over without any more loops. There are a few small things I would tune, but overall I think it came out pretty sick!





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  1. Chester Rumble 7 years ago

    Wow, that thing is so wicked looking! I think if that was in my garage I would just stare at it instead of riding. Are you going to do a custom graphic kit on your KTM anytime soon?

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