Brian Kachinsky’s Ride BMX/DK Bicycles Video Part

Brian Kachinsky’s Ride BMX/DK Bicycles Video Part

Brian Kachinsky has had one of the best years of his life on a BMX bike, and here is the video evidence to prove it. 4 minutes of bangers from the United States and beyond–the hammers don’t stop in this one.

Filmed by: Andrew Brady, Jeff Klugiewicz, Grant Castelluzzo, Paul Williams, Stew Johnson, Paul Dybas, Elliot Van Orman, Tony Malouf, Tony Loconte, Jeff Wescott, Christian Rigal, and Trent McDaniel

Edited by: Andrew Brady

Music: “Press Gang” by The Murder City Devils
Album: In Name and Blood.
Label: Subpop Records


  1. Bartlomiej 10 years ago

    Hey man! Just curious,what motivates you to put up BMX clips? Personally I love seeing them on your blog! Its kick ass!

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      Ah, I grew up in the 80’s man, BMX was the shit back then! Spent most of my time as a kid ripping on a BMX, and at various other times of my life when i couldn’t afford a Motorbike or a Mountain bike I always picked up a cheap BMX to have fun on. I guess BMX taught me a lot of my riding skills too in a way. Takes so much skill to ride well so I love watching sick edits.

  2. Bartlomiej 10 years ago

    Ahh yea I hear ya! taking it back to the 80’s eh… I started riding in the late 90’s. I remember 1997-2000 were some of the best years. Progression and technology etc. NOW though, its another ball park… Not a big fan of the slammed seats though! BMX taught me everything I know about riding, people, and being free… Good times!

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