Bott XR1 212

Bott XR1 212

We were stoked to receive an email from David Sánchez of Bottpower today, with lots of photos of another BOTT XR1 that has been painted with the design we did.

At first sight the bike looks very similar to the XR1R (mainly because of the paint job), but it is quite different. The engine is more modern (2009), it has Öhlins fork, Brembo brakes, Rotobox carbon fiber wheels, Torque hammer silencer, titanium wheel axles, and it is equipped to be used in the street with headlights, signal ligts, brake light, horn, etc.

This bike will be exposed on the Motor Bike Expo in Verona next weekend.

The customer is Stefano Caracchi (former 125 and 250 GP rider), who is the new Bottpower importer in Italy. He is opening a new Bottpower official shop in Bolonia. The shop name is “212”, and that’s why the bike has a number one at the front, that together with the numbers 2 at the sides makes the 212.

Stefano liked our design a lot, and asked David to have his bike painted exactly in the same way, except for the number one at the front.



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