Bikenstein RC8 Track racer

Bikenstein RC8 Track racer

Somehow those frankenbikes I designed got some of my buddies excited to give it a go which is somewhat surprising since they spend all day every day designing bikes already. First Martin P, ex KTM, ex BMW and current Honda designer created a beast of a machine on his blog, and now my man Craig, ex BMW, ex Honda and current KTM designer made a wicked slammed RC8 track racer. Seems the only thing to do is to make a new category for this blog consisting of dream bikensteins, so if anyone else fancies giving it a shot drop us a mail and if it’s good enough (nice design, almost photo-realistic, at least 800px wide and without any pixelation) we will post it and send you a t-shirt. I guess it’s kind of the hip hop of bike design, just sample whatever you like, remix it a bit and add your own touch on top.

[11/21/10 6:07:47 PM] Craig D: KTM RC8 Frame and general parts, KTM SMR wheels, and then a whole load of old parts merged to various other KTM stuff. Just fancied a low, mean kick ass kind off racer feel.


  1. Author
    ptsp 12 years ago

    Nice work dude! here was yann’s comment: [11/21/10 6:49:14 PM] yann berger: this one works pretty good

  2. Dark`s Mill 12 years ago

    I rode the RC8 so I image that such a motorcycle would just top that experience. Nice work.

  3. George 11 years ago

    Its a great piece of work.. Great bike, nice looks!! What make is the fuel tank?

    • Author
      ptsp 11 years ago

      Thanks, the tank is just home made.

  4. chris 10 years ago

    If that was produced i would buy that in a heartbeat. let me know how you did it because that bike is incredible looking. I like it better than my 1198

  5. eisema 8 years ago

    wow! this is some awesome motorcycle!!!

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