Big Bore KTM 366 SX-F

Big Bore KTM 366 SX-F

At no point did I ever find the 350 SX-F underpowered, or wish for more out of the engine when I rode it, but having now had the 450 sx-f for bit I can see how a 366 SX-F could actually be quite interesting.

Racer X Films – The reviews were solid when Grant Langston tried out our stock 2014 KTM350 SX-F a few months ago. But the Goldilocks 350 conundrum continues—is it not enough, too much or just right? We tried Cylinder Works’ 366 big bore kit for the bike to see if a small bump in displacement would make a great bike ever greater, or if it would change the attributes that made GL like it in the first place. What’s he think now? Check it out.



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