Bell Moto-9 Hurricane Carbon photos

Bell Moto-9 Hurricane Carbon photos

Obviously I can’t write a proper review without wearing the helmet and going riding, but since everything is still covered in a layer of snow right now that will have to wait. What I have done instead for now is to take some photos and try the helmet on with some different goggles and with a neck brace to give myself (and you) a rough idea of how it looks and fits in case you are stuck in the fuckin snow too. (I actually like the snow, that was just for emphasis).

I stopped wearing a neck brace last year because my older generation Airoh gave such a small range of movement in combination with the Leatt that it was seriously bugging me when I rode. The latest Airoh has much better integration with the neck brace, but it still has quite a long beak and back in comparison to the Bell Moto-9 Which may or may not be better for safety in combination with the leatt. In any case, with the Moto-9 you can tilt your head quite a lot further in every direction which I really like so I am going to try wearing the neck brace again this year.



The packaging is superb.



…as are the attention to details. The cheek pads are held in place with magnets and come out really smoothly which makes it easier to clean them and also to remove them in case of an accident.



The eject system is integrated into the helmet for easy removal in event of serious injury. Not planning to test this feature hopefully.


Super plush liner.


The Bell Moto-9 Carbon exceeds DOT and snell safety test requirements. As a result it is a fair bit heavier than my old Airoh but still a pretty light helmet.


Loads of vents should help to keep my head cool



the goggles would sit quite a bit further forward if my head was in there.



All the different models of the 100% goggles fit perfectly.


Vents for hot air to flow out of the back.


There are nice channels on the side to keep your goggles in place.



the helmet comes in a nice protective carry bag with super plush, royal red velvet porno liner.


Firstly a quick disclaimer, I didn’t pay for this helmet, so my view is obviously biased as hell. That being said i do turn down a fair amount of product offers because the products are blatantly sh!t and It feels mean to expose that on a public forum, so I would rather not even go there. Bell and this helmet already have a solid reputation so I was interested to see if the product is really that good. You are free to make up your own mind about it from the photos but even better go check one out and try it on for yourself.

As for my opinion, working at Kiska I see a lot of nicely designed products, and can comfortably say that this Helmet is really up there as one of the best helmets ever designed. This is Not surprising really as It was designed together with James Stewart who has certainly put the helmet through some serious testing in his fairly epic career.

ANyway, if you want to know more about the helmet, check out

  • EPS-lined chinbar
  • Flying Bridge Visor – Powersports
  • Integrated Roost Guard
  • Magnefusion Emergency Release System (MERS)
  • Magnefusion Magnetic Strap Keeper
  • Padded chin-strap with D-ring closure
  • QuickFlip Visor Screws
  • TriMatrix Composite Shell
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation
  • X-Static Extended Wear Interior


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