Basic Motorcycle Wash: KTM 350 — /DRIVE CLEAN

Basic Motorcycle Wash: KTM 350 — /DRIVE CLEAN

A lot more interesting than it sounds! At least if you love cleaning your bikes like I do. The video came out in October but if you missed it like I did it’s quite a thorough overview of what to do when washing your bike. I normally just use a pressure washer, old t-shirt and some cleaner but it looks a lot easier with all the right cleaning supplies and brushes although I would never use a wire brush on the chain. Thanks to Adam Hammond for the link.

“Washing a motorcycle is similar to washing a car. Many of rules from our “R8 Basic Wash Techniques”, like the two bucket method, still apply. Where they differ, is in the extra precautions needed to avoid damaging the bike’s exposed components. In this episode, we are going to tackle a heavily mud covered KTM 350. As we take you through the wash, we also break down a simple five step action list. Be sure to follow this action list, so that your next wash is a satisfactory one.”


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