Bas van Steenbergen l Shoulder Season

Bas van Steenbergen l Shoulder Season

Really great edit from Mind Spark Cinema:
“Green River is one of the few locations in Utah that has been a proving ground for Mountain Biking. Over the past decade, hundreds of riders visited Utah to tackle the terrain and show there style. Its been unfortunate in the past couple of years, Green River has been viewed as “played” or “overdone”. Bas has always wanted to give it a shot, and so this fall we drove south to Utah to give it our best
While it may have been the shoulder season for mountain biking, Utah was a great escape from snowy Canada. We spent 10 days waking up a sunset, filming, going back to the Super 8 for breakfast, digging, then filming at sunset. Our trip had the unfortunate ending of Bas separating his shoulder on the last hit we built, luckily we still had plenty of footage to create “Shoulder Season”
Shot on Location: Green River, Utah
Rider: Bas van Steenbergen
Produced by: Mind Spark Cinema
Cinematography: Harrison Mendel
Edited by: Harrison Mendel
Music By: Sons of the East
With support from: Transition Bikes, Blackhawk Wheel co, Skyride Bike Shop and Dissent Labs”

Bas van Steenbergen3

Bas van Steenbergen

Bas van Steenbergen1

Bas van Steenbergen4


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