Autumn 2014 at X-Bowl Arena

Autumn 2014 at X-Bowl Arena

The sun was shining on Saturday so a big crew of us went to the X-Bowl arena which has once again brought in and spread out hundreds of tons more sand all over the track and is better than ever! I had my 2015 KTM 350 SX-F which was just loving the sand, and the other guys had a 250 EXC, a Husqvarna FC250 and TE250 and a few other bikes. Overall it was a brilliant day, and I even managed to get my wife to the track with the kids for I think the 2nd time ever and she seemed to almost be enjoying herself!

Ok, Let’s start with fellow KISKA employee and motohead, OG FMX rider and X-Fighters head judge Jason Moriarty! I thought I had the best looking ONE industries gear this year, but after seeing Jason in his new GAMMA gear, I’m not so sure anymore. Mad pop. All photos by myself, PSP.



A few thoughts on the GAMMA from Jace:

“This past weekend I rode in the new Gamma gear for the first time.

I have used most of the other major label gear over the past ten years and was interested to see how the One stuff matched up.
All of One’s stuff seems to have a pretty good feel for styling and colour scheme so I was keen to see if it was as comfortable and
practically designed as it is good looking.

Putting it on, first impression, the sizing was spot on for what I would normally wear and I liked the relaxed fit of the Gamma gear.
Especially when on the bike, with boots and knee protection on and bent knees, for me most MX gear either pulls down slightly over the butt,
feels a little tight around the knees or feels like it needs to be pulled out of the boots. The Gamma cut takes this all into account and while
the pants may look a little baggy around the knee and mid-thigh area when just standing off the bike, the moment you get onto a bike you can
tell that this gear was properly designed for its main purpose. Once in the ‘attack position’, there is no restriction or tugging from the gear at all.
Often with MX gear half way through a moto I would feel a breeze up my lower back and would then know that the jersey had come untucked and
the pants were riding lower – and would hope not to get any stones or sand down my crack. Thankfully this issue has been planned for with the
Gamma gear’s cut and fit, so I never felt my shirt flapping or my pants sagging this time around. No chaffing from the collar area either, and no
tugging or riding-up on the sleeves. To be honest, once I started doing laps, I was able to forget about my gear all together (which is a good thing)
and could just focus on not crashing due to severe arm pump and a serious lack of fitness.

I have only had one full day’s riding in it, and so far it seems strong and durable, but to judge that properly I will need more time in the gear.
I’ll do an update on the durability and toughness of the Gamma gear once I’ve had a good number of rides in it.”



Ok, next up, myself! All photos by Jason Moriarty, color grading and cropping and all that good stuff by psp.
Some fork oil leaked onto my front brake when it was on my trailer and it completely stopped working. I would have been left without a front brake all day so I want to say a massive thanks to Simon for changing my brake pads for me at the track!




And to finish off, some photos of Moe, Simon, Zacher, Chris and some dude who was ripping on a Kawi. Photos by PSP, Jace, and Grégoire Lauwers.





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