Andre Lotterer – Koop Kustoms helmet

Andre Lotterer – Koop Kustoms helmet


  1. Ralph B. 10 years ago

    Partly or a full matte finish would look so much nicer.

    That being said…

    One is to be auctioned off after the FiA WEC 6-Hours of Fuji Race, to aid in helping the victims of the Japan earthqauke/tsunami aftermath.

    Displayed during the event in the Audi VIP Hospitalty.

    Commissioned by TAG-Heuer Japan!

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      yea, he had a matte finish on the old one, looked great. This one looks brilliant too though. Koop has some serious helmet design / painting skills.

      Cool that it is being auctioned off. If i was a rich man, i would bid for it!

  2. Geert koop 10 years ago

    Hi guys, thanks for those words of praise.

    I had à tough choice on de deciding matte or gloss, so l left the decision to Andre & TAG. My personal choice would be matte/gloss combo, but with racing you cannot always execute things how you want .. I did my best in the available time

    expect further mods/projecs to come from this collaboration ;)


  3. Christian Eldridge 10 years ago

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I like the gloss a lot, helps with the depth of the black and allows the orange and blue to pop. In a very complimentary way the back reminds me of the illustration in the Aha – Take On Me video, really nice and loose but with precision and conviction. Congratulations and props Koop. C

  4. Jose Daniel 9 years ago

    calidad de casco, yo quiero uno asi.

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