AMA Motocross 2013 – 12th round Lake Elsinore, CA

AMA Motocross 2013 – 12th round Lake Elsinore, CA

Highlights video and loads of Cudby photos below.
The final round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship made its second ever stop at Lake Elsinore Motocross Park in Lake Elsinore, California. Hosts Jason Weigandt and Georgia Lindsay take you through all of the action here in Southern California.

The Red Bull KTM Factory Team wrapped up a successful US Pro MX championships season at Lake Elsinore in California on Saturday with all three factory riders on the overall end-of-season podium. Ryan Dungey finished overall second in the 450-class and Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin, the team’s two European riders finishing 2-3 in the 250 class competition.

Dungey, who has been chosen to represent the USA at the Motocross of Nations at the end of September wrapped up his campaign with a familiar 2-2 result in the final round, proving that he has been one of the most consistent riders in the competition.





Roczen of Germany, who led the 250 class standings from most of the season took a moto win in the opener but crashed in the opening lap in his second race when he clipped the wheel of Zach Osborne and dropped down to fourteenth place. He got back in the action and crossed the line in seventh place to go on and wrap up his season in second overall.

It was also a tough night for the team’s French rider Musquin who had multiple crashes in his two races to come away to wrap up with a 9-10 result for seventh overall. He nevertheless still finished third overall in the championship to complete the factory team’s hat trick of having all of their three riders on the final championship podium.










Final Round Overall Results 450 class
1. Ryan Villopoto – 1-1
2. Ryan Dungey – 2-2 (KTM)
3. Justin Barcia – 5-3
4. Jake Weimer – 8-4
5. Tyla Rattray – 7-6
6. Trey Canard – 4-10
7. Mike Alessi – 12-5
8. Brett Metcalfe – 10-8
9. Andrew Short – 12-24 (KTM)
10. Broc Tickle – 11-11

Overall Championship Point Standings –
1. Ryan Villopoto – 563
2. Ryan Dungey – 507
3. Justin Barcia – 411

Final Round Overall Results 250 class
1. Eli Tomac – 2-1
2. Ken Roczen – 1-7 (KTM)
3. Cooper Webb – 4-3
4. Jeremy Martin – 3-5
5. Zach Osborne – 5-4
6. Wil Hahn – 6-6
7. Marvin Musquin – 9-10 (KTM)
8. Justin Bogle – 8-11
9. Blake Baggett – 33-2
10. Martin Davalos – 11-9

Overall Championship Point Standings –
1. Eli Tomac – 549
2. Ken Roczen – 493
3. Marvin Musquin – 411


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