Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket with Bionic Neck Support review

Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket with Bionic Neck Support review

Around 12 years ago now I was working at Alpinestars in Italy as a graphic designer/webmaster, during which time the first Bionic Tech jacket was being designed next to me. The girls who developed the fit used me sometimes as a mannequin, pinning it, marking it and refining the shape through the different iterations of the protection as it was being refined.

Over the years since then I have had about 6 different body armor suits/chest protectors but ironically none of them were alpinestars! Why this is I am not quite sure, but the reason I have had so many is that I could never find one that I was totally happy with, so I kept selling the old ones and buying new ones. The best so far has for sure been the Troy Lee chest protector but its not nearly as protective as the Alpinestars Bionic tech jacket. It doesn’t have arm protectors for one, which for a lot of types of enduro riding is a must unless you want a piece of tree sticking through your arm.


Anyway, cut to this weekend and my first time trying the Bionic jacket. The arm protectors are comfy but I took them off for motorcross. I have never ridden with any, but this is just a personal preference. They zip on and off in seconds. All under shirt body armor is quite bulky, it needs to be to provide enough protection in a hard crash, but the Bionic jacket is one of the least quasimoto looking jackets I have used so far.


The design is nice and well thought out. Movement is not restricted at all and it is fully vented so you dont get too hot. I didn’t put the crash protection to the test yet, but once the jacket is on and you start riding you literally dont notice it which is as much as you can ask for and the confidence you have knowing you are well protected provides some piece of mind I need as a husband and father of 2 young kids.

The integration of the Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket with the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support is perfect as you would expect. You just pull off a velcro backed plastic patch at the top if you want to run a neck brace, or leave it on if you dont.


Overall it is by far the best undershirt protective body suit I have tried. I still think chest protectors are little more comfortable for motocross but they dont provide nearly as much protection, and dont work for street riding, downhill MTB or even particularly well for endro. If you are looking for the best all around, versatile, protective body armour for motocross, enduro, street riding and mountain biking then the Bionic Tech jacket is almost perfect.

Thanks to Zajcmaster for taking some of the photos.


* Technical, elastane stretch mesh main construction is highly breathable and retains shape.

* Strategically positioned Cordura panels for durability and abrasion resistance.

* All components engineered for a reduced material construction garment that is extremely lightweight, slim and highly ventilated.

* Highly versatile, modular and customizable fit for different forms of off-road riding is afforded by:

    • Lace sleeve closures
    • Removable sleeves
    • Full compatibility with BNS protection

Protective Capabilities

* Innovative, CE certified chest protector backed by technical, EVA shock absorbing material which molds to rider’s body shape.

* Premium, CE certified shoulder and elbow/forearm protectors systems feature:

    • Thermoformed 3D poly padding for comfort and shock absorption
    • Dual protector cup for excellent flexibility and range of movement
    • Protector cups are asymmetric to offer extended protection surfaces, which are contoured to ensure a close fit to keep the protection located and reduce rotation.

* Detachable back protector can be removed to further enhance ventilation capabilities or adapted to accommodate BNS.

* Protector panels are constructed from a robust K-RESIN® polymer performance blend for optimized flexibility and excellent weight saving properties. Shells are vented and channeled to improve airflow and prevent heat build-up.


* Innovative Cross Lacing System (CLS) for securing sleeves features elastic cord and breathable microfibers to give lightweight and highly customizable fit. CLS significantly reduces risk of arm pump.

* Convenient pull tab loops on shoulders for secure fitment of Alpinestars BNS.

* Elastic kidney with TPR belt system for customized, secure fit.

* Comfort padding on shoulders, chest and kidney area.

* Premium, auto-locking YKK zips for main frontal closure and on detachable sleeves and ensures security.



  1. Neil Pieterse 9 years ago

    How much different is the Bionic Pro vs Bionic Tech?

  2. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Not really sure, it looks quite similar, but it's a bit cheaper. I would try them on if I was you to see which is more comfortable.

  3. Bailey Gregson 9 years ago

    Hey mate is the amour jacket real bulky or is a slim fit?

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