Aftershock – Sydney

Aftershock – Sydney

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what bike you have. So long as you you have a space to ride, rain, mud and good friends you are guaranteed a lot of fun! The vid reminds me of ragging our beat up bikes around fields with my little bro when we were young and ending up looking like the creature from the swamp. Really well filmed vid.

“Aftershock is all about backyard racing on inappropriate bikes. Inspired by Dirt Quake in England and the Australian Flat Track scene, Aftershock is a private event held in Sydney by the Sydney Cafe Racers. It is all about the laughter, cracked ribs, mate-ship, stupidity and friendly racing. A weekend of Mud, Bikes, Bands, Beers, Tents and Shenanigans.

In Perth, Aftershock is hosted by Perth Cafe Racers.”

Event by: Sydney Cafe Racers (
Video by: My Media Sydney (
Music by: Sigur Ros (

Dedicated to Steven Zahra – Recovering from 6 broken ribs

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