Aesop Rock – Cycles To Gehenna

Aesop Rock – Cycles To Gehenna

Directed by Ben Fee and Pete Lee
Production Company: The Masses
Produced by Lizzie Rose
DP: Ben Fee
Editor: Pete Lee

Executive Producers: Aesop Rock + The Masses
Associate Producers: Tim Lillis + Dan Mode + Alrik Bursell
Starring — Aesop Rock
Dancers— Sati Harutyunyan + Lena Dakessian
Avery Oatman + Jeanine Kosinski
Bikers— RC Rivera + Ben Rosenberg
Young Boys— Jacob Munoz + Joshua Munoz


Production Managers — Christina Campbell + Rebekah Cantor
Production Design — Tim Lillis
Assistant Director/2nd Unit— Masaya Tamegei
Motorcycle Riggers/2nd Unit— Ryan Thomas + Cory Riley
Dance Advisor— Noemi Araxi
Wardrobe— Brittany Edwards + Kat Yeh (
Hair Stylist— Theresa Wondra
Makeup— Jenny Calhoun
Additional Makeup/Styling— Bella Medrano + Ashley Anthony + Samantha Ogle
Production Assistants— Kate Russo + Micke Tong
Location Supervisor— Gabby Gonzales (Treasure Island) + Rick Marr (SF Armory)
Key Craft Services— Cary Li
Addt’l Craft Services— Yuka Takemoto
Unit Photographer— Rick Marr
Colorist— Jaime Obradovich
Gaffers— Cory Riley + Dave Malloure
Key Grips— Robert Peterson + Ryan Thomas
Grips— Alan Cecil + John Michael + Julio Menard + James Mitchell
Alrik Bursell @ Studio B
Eric Jacobus @ The Stunt People
Dan Mode @ DTC Grips & Electric
CREDITS. Cycles To Gehenna Video ////// AESOP ROCK
The SF Armory + Rhymesayers Ent.
Rebecca Ahn + Rosemary Williams + Sloane Martin
Judy Craig + Jack Richardson


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