Aaron Twite – ATL

Aaron Twite – ATL

Video we made during our recent visit in Atlanta. Everything was pretty much random, as we met Aaron in the morning then just cruised around to find some nice places to stunt while trying to not get too much in trouble. We did not shoot as much as expected and it was our last day there so we had to do with what we had. It’s still been an awesome day with this skilled rider, we really hope you enjoy this video !!

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Special thanks to Dave Lapointe for additional filming

Aaron would like to thank all his sponsors:
Scorpion, EVS, Osiris, Sick Innovations, Motoheaven, SMD Frames, Hohey Designs, DP Brakes, Traxxion Dynamics Suspension, XDL.

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 13.06.30


  1. Blehm Sect 10 years ago

    All u dummies in ATL…

  2. Jordan Tb Melville 10 years ago

    watch out for peck.

    • Carson Cram 10 years ago

      This is the most interesting bit of this stuff I've seen. The wheelies in all different positions i'm not so much into, but the drifting and nose wheelies are pretty damn cool.

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