A Father and Son Adventure: 30 Years of Riding Together

A Father and Son Adventure: 30 Years of Riding Together

from : I’ve been blessed with an awesome dad, who taught me how to ride when I was 3 years old. We have been riding ever since, but this is my first adventure trip with him, and it was epic! 9 days 1700 miles in Colorado and Utah on mostly dirt and gravel back roads, with some trails and pavement thrown in. These are just some of the highlights. Ill possibly be posting more videos of some of the trails and more memorable times on my vimeo account and website, awkbots.com







  1. Christian Gratton 8 years ago

    Where can one find awesome trails like that? I would love to go on a trip but I have no clue where to start for planning.

  2. Curtis Aday 8 years ago

    This is all around where I live! He's mostly in Moab, UT and Durango, CO areas from what I can tell.

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