8,000 km Motorbike Trip

8,000 km Motorbike Trip

Jacob Laukaitis drove 8000km for 4 weeks across 15 countries and 19 borders completely alone without a map. He was born and raised in Eastern Europe but had never been to the Balkans. This Summer he bought a motorbike (older than himself), shaved his head and left for the trip of a lifetime.

“I’ve found that owning things is simply impractical: you need to take care of it; it attaches you to a specific location. I’m a digital nomad, my work is location independent and I couldn’t imagine living any other way.”

More info: jacoblaukaitis.com


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  1. graeme 7 years ago

    Good wee video. Well planed out to make the best of simple short clips. Looks very professional

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