80 Tonnes of new sand at X-Bowl Arena!

80 Tonnes of new sand at X-Bowl Arena!

Moritz brought in 80 tonnes of new sand and spread it out on the S bends at the start of the X-Bowl arena! The track is really getting better and better every time I ride there, and it was already a wicked track! The jumps were all dialed ages ago, but some of the track surface was not perfect, so Moe has just started brining in loads of fresh sand. I have never really ridden sand before but man it’s seriously fun!!! Just got to keep it pinned really to stop the front diving too much, simple! haha.

We sessioned the track together yesterday evening and it was so good after he spread the sand around that he plans to bring in even more!

Big thanks to Moe for opening up the track late for us and always trying to make it better, and to Reno for coming along and to Becs for taking loads of photos! The light was pretty crap as we were there really late so the photos are not super sharp, but there are a few decent ones.



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