2Pamir – Second Trailer

2Pamir – Second Trailer

Lush filming and landscapes. ˜2 Pamir˜ is an independent documentary movie about Krygyz of Pamir, who migrated to Turkey in 1972 after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The documentary team traveled on their motorcycles to reach Pamir of Afghanistan from Ulupamir Village in Turkey. The journey took the team to Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Yet this is not only a movie about a motorbike journey, we wanted to focus on both Krygz people from Turkey as well as Afghanistan. We tried to connect these relatives by recording their messages, so we would also record our journey through it.

Created by 2Enduro
Director: Tolga Basol
DP: Erkin Yesil
Music: Utkucan Eken, Huun-Huur-Tu
Camera & Sound: Erkin Yesil, Tolga Basol, Umit Kaplan
Graphic Design: Greg Davis, Utkan Basar
Editing, Color Grading: Tolga Basol
Camera: Sony A-99
Lens: Sony 50mm F1.4, Sony Zeiss 24mm, Sony Zeiss 85m, Sony 11-18mm
Software: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe After Effects, Osiris Luts




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