2017 KTM 300EXC – Custom graphics kit

2017 KTM 300EXC – Custom graphics kit

It was absolutely pissing it with rain yesterday, a storm warning was in full effect and the light was rubbish, but we were all super motivated to go and ride anyway, so off we went to XBOWL for some early evening fun in the puddles! The EXC was loving the rain a lot more than our Canon 5D, after a few years use, some of the buttons are starting to stick, but Zajcmaster and PSP still nailed a few sweet shots.


We received the new one off DE custom graphics kit we designed for the 300EXC from backyard designs and were stoked to get them onto the bike. Backyard designs did a great job with the printing. The sticker quality is top notch too and they were super easy to put on, with some nice template shapes. We highly recommend them if you are after some custom stickers for your bike. They can either print some stickers you design yourself in illustrator, or they can do them and work with you to get them to your liking with the sponsors that you want. Check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/bckyrddsgn/?fref=ts


The 300EXC was an absolute joy to ride, the new XPlor fork and shock are really superb. We stayed on the MX track this time because of how wet it was and the bike was handling the speed with the same composure it handles the rough stuff. I still don’t feel as comfortable jumping it as I did the 350 SX-F, but then that’s not what it was designed for exactly. In the rough chop the bike handles better than my old 350, and turns on a dime. Loving it so far, but personally, I have a long way to go still to get ready for Romaniacs! Need to start riding some more technical trails and obstacles really.



  1. Bendik 5 years ago

    Where can i buy these graphics? Looks really nice.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Hi thanks, I just made it for my bike :)

  2. Tibor Amann 5 years ago

    Badass! Good job! Where have You buy the template for the bike?

    • Jorge 2 years ago

      Hi can you send me the template for this graphics
      Thanks in advance

  3. Dariusz 5 years ago

    Cześć, mógłbym gdzieś kupic taka okleine ?

  4. Vlad 2 years ago

    HI, Can you send me the templete for graphics? thanks vladm90@yahoo.com

  5. Alessandro Marchesini 2 years ago

    Hi, is it possible to have your graphics file to replicate it on my ktm? Or know who made them?

  6. Alex 2 years ago

    Hi there.
    Just inquireing how I go about buying this sticker kit? or getting a template sent to me.

  7. Alex 2 years ago

    Just inquiring how I go about purchasing this sticker kit or getting a file to replicate it.

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