2016 KTM 690 Duke Powerparts

2016 KTM 690 Duke Powerparts

Sebas Romero was kind enough to send us some brilliant photos from the photoshoot he has just done of the new KTM 690 Dukes. There are 4 bikes in total, 2 standard 690 Dukes, one white and one Orange, one KTM 690 Duke R and a powerparts bike.

All of the color trim and graphics on the bikes was designed and directed by DE last year. The graphics kit on this one is called the stealth kit. See if you can spot something extra stealthy on it :)

2015-11-26 KTM DUKE 690-876

Two decades ago, the original Duke was nothing short of revolutionary. KTM’s first single-cylinder street bike grew into a cult classic, adding extreme fun to a raw and radical concept. In 2016, the fully revised 690 DUKE stays faithful to its ancestor’s ways, but adds future-proof refinements: impressive smoothness, sophisticated electronics, improved ergonomics and a good old power boost over last year’s model. This firmly cements the world’s strongest single-cylinder production motorcycle at the cutting edge of engineering. Speaking of which: carving corners has never been more fun, thanks to its revised fork offset. Long live the Duke!
2015-11-26 KTM DUKE 690-1127



  1. Malle 7 years ago

    Imagine the orange bits in gold as well (or at least black)..would look even better.

    • Markus 7 years ago

      Fully agree. Though its hot as it is. Where to buy it?

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