2015 KTM Freeride E-XC

2015 KTM Freeride E-XC

Soo, this one has taken a while to come to market, but the official launch of the KTM freeride E-XC has finally taken place and as usual, Sebas Romaestro was there to take some ridiculously good photos! I can’t find an official press release with tech specs of the bike and my internet right now sucks so I am not going to waste time looking but check out the photos, and as soon as I get more stats on the bike I will post them up.

Whatever you may think about electric bikes, having ridden one a few times I assure you, if you like riding bikes you would have fun on one of these.







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Great website about the bike by KISKA here:



  1. Radim Galuszka 8 years ago

    Nádhera :-)

  2. Cameron 8 years ago

    very cool, amazing photos as usual but these are stunning with the landscapes! imagine the look on the faces of those who you pass when out trail riding this beast. I could probably get into a lot of trouble owning this and riding it around the neighborhood haha

  3. Derek Martin 8 years ago

    I was wondering what happened to the original free ride,hope the delay was to extend the original ride range of about 1 hr

  4. Derek Martin 8 years ago

    Love to see the specs . originally 125cc hp comparable with massive torque from standing still

  5. mobutu 8 years ago

    lol at akrapovic

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